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Mig-19 " Farmer" 72-115 Scale 1/72

Mig-19 " Farmer" 72-115 Scale 1/72
Scale 1:72

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1. MiG-19 PM, a board 335. Museum of the Air Forces of GDR, Berlin-Gatov.1980.
2. Mikoyan/Gurevich MiG-19 “24 red” of the 33rd IAP based at Wittstock AB was flown by Capt. Fyodor Zinov”yev against  the RB-66 which intruded into East German airspace on 10th march 1964. The plan had standard painted for this type - all  silvery.

 MiG-19 sans suffixes “27 red”, 35th IAP. This fighter was flown by Capt. Vitaliy Ivannikov when he intercepted the intruding RB-66 on 10-th March 1964 and turned the destroyer into a destroyed. Later MiG-19 sans suffixes “27 red” had a single “kill” star applied on the port side under the cockpit to commemorate the shoot down.

3. A two tone Gray camouflaged F-6, 19 Squadron, Pakistani Air Force. The aircraft is a late production F-6 with Pakistani modifications including the deletion of the antenna mast under the cockpit and the addition of AIM-9 Sidewinder rails on the outboard wing panels.

4. Bangladeshi F-6, Black 7104. Is armed with seven shot rocket pod and two 200 gallon (760 liter) underwing fuel tanks. It is a late production F-6 with the bullet shaped braking parachute container at the base of the rudder and N-30 cannons without gun gas defectors on the muzzles.

5. Shenyang F-6s of the Commanders School area Swat hills near Sargodha, Pakistan. The plane is armed by AIM-9P Sidewinder infra red  homing air-to-air missiles on the outboard wing pylons.

6. Shenyang F6, Pakistan Air Force. 
7. Lim 7 (MiG-19 PM Farmer E) of the 28 Pulk Lotnictwa Mysliwskiego ( 28th Fighter Regiment) Slupsk-Redzikowo, Poland, 1980. Plan is overall Natural Metall. Polish aircrafts did not carry the national insignia on the wing upper surfaces.

8. MiG MiG-19/J-6 Farmer , Czechoslovakia , Aero S-105 No. 0218.

9. MiG-19/J-6 Farmer, Indonesia, No. 1904/F.

10.  МиГ-19/J-6 ,  China , Shenyang J

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