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Welcome to, where history, craftsmanship, and community converge in the art of model kit decals. Founded by Aleksandr Chehovsky, an aficionado of modeling and an expert in printing technology, Print Scale has established itself as a leader in the niche of model decals, driven by passion, innovation, and a deep respect for history.

Our Foundation

Our story began in 1980, sparked by the purchase of a plastic model airplane kit. This simple act ignited a lifelong passion in Aleksandr, leading him down a path of professional growth in printing and ultimately to the creation of Print Scale. Since launching our first product in 2004, we have expanded our catalog to feature over 1000 unique items, growing monthly with new additions that cater to a wide range of interests within the modeling community.

Uniqueness in Every Decal

At Print Scale, uniqueness is not just in our products but in the hearts of our team—dedicated professionals and model enthusiasts who bring their deep understanding of modeling, aviation history, and naval lore into every decal we produce. Specializing in aviation models, we've recently broadened our horizons to include naval and armored vehicle decals, ensuring every piece is a gateway to an untold story.

The Team Behind the Magic

The core of Print Scale is a tight-knit group led by Aleksandr and supported by Olga Chehovskaya, alongside a talented team of designers, 3D printing specialists, and printing technicians. Together, we strive to bring the highest quality and most unique decals to the modeling world, fostering a community bound by a shared love for history and craftsmanship.

Our Mission and Impact

Our mission extends beyond the decals; it's about preserving history through modeling, offering a tangible connection to the past. We take pride in special programs that collaborate with aviation veterans and their families, such as the memorable project involving the B-17 bomber's last combat mission over Europe. These endeavors not only honor the legacy of those who served but also bring rare historical insights to our community.

Quality at Every Step

Quality assurance is paramount, reflected in our rigorous multi-stage verification process. Aleksandr, a qualified ISO 9001:2000 auditor, oversees every phase from design to delivery, ensuring each decal meets our high standards. This meticulous approach includes checks on information accuracy, visual inspections, material quality, printing fidelity, and even storage conditions, guaranteeing excellence in every product.

Engaging with Our Community

Interaction with our community is a cornerstone of our operations. While current circumstances limit physical presence at events, we remain closely connected with our customers through digital channels, valuing feedback and fostering a supportive environment for modelers everywhere.

Forward-Thinking and Expansion

Looking ahead, we're excited about the future, from embracing new 3D printing technologies to expanding our product lines through collaborations. Our commitment to innovation ensures we'll continue to offer unique and high-quality decals, supporting modelers in bringing their visions to life.

At, we are more than a store; we are keepers of history, supporters of our community, and facilitators of a hobby that bridges generations. Join us in this journey, where every model tells a story, and every decal is a piece of history.

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