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Historical Figures

Brand: Printscale Model: PSF005
 Sapper (pioneer) of the Foreign French Legion. According to the tradition laid down since the time of Napoleon Bonaparte, sappers have a large beard. Also, historically established attributes - an apron made of bull skin and an ax. In parades, on French Independence Day, they always go first, like ..
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Brand: Printscale Model: PSF007
Set of two figures "A mechanic prepares a pilot to fly the Rumpler C.IV. The plot is borrowed from a famous photograph in which a mechanic helps the pilot put on a mask for heating his face at altitude. The mask was powered by a small battery, a battery that was attached to the pilot's poial. The ne..
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Brand: Printscale Model: PSF004
Pilot "Phantom" F-4. period of the Vietnam War.   The war in Viet Nam is one of the most tragic and controversial conflicts in US history. Actively began with the Tonkin incident in August 1964 and ended in the spring of 1975 with the fall of Saigon. As in any war, there were a number of tragedies ..
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Brand: Printscale Model: PSF001
Maxim Krivonos is a colonel of the Zaporizhia Army, an active military and public figure during the liberation wars of Bogdan Khmelnitsky. Based on the image created in the film by Jerzy Hoffman "Fire and Sword". The figurine is made of polymer resin in 1/16 scale. The circulation is limited, the nu..
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Brand: Printscale Model: PSF006
The pilot of the combat aircraft "Rampler" IV, as well as any other of that historical period of the Great War. Recreated from a real photograph of that time, with great historical accuracy and accurate detail.   Author's figurine, work of sculptor A. Gagarin (Ukraine). The circulation of castings..
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Brand: Printscale Model: PSE003
Captain Diego Alatriste is a collective image of one of the last knights of the era of the conquest of Flanders by the Spanish crown. The image is inspired by the film directed by Agustin Diaz Yanes "Captain Alatriste". An adventurer, a romantic who loved one woman all his life - actress Maria de Ca..
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Brand: Printscale Model: PSF002
Senior sailor in the Royal Navy, second half of the 1940s. We tried to create an image of a sailor in strict accordance with that era and historical costume. Some modellers saw in this figure the image of Sean Connery during his service in the Royal Navy, but we assure you that all coincidences are ..
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