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Mig-17 "Fresco" 72-008 Scale 1/72

Mig-17 "Fresco" 72-008 Scale 1/72
Scale 1:72

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1. MiG-17. Has been exposed in Kiev, 70.

2. MiG-17F. The participant intrusion into Czechoslovakia in 1968. The non-standard four-unit board number. 

3. Mig-17 PF of 146th Guard Air Regiment of USSR Air Defence. Vasilkov,1957

4. Lim-6bis - the Polish version MiG-17F, adapted for land attacks. Planes had additional wings pylons and the parachute container in the basis kill.

5. MiG-17PF, Indonesian AF.  

6. Forca Aerea de Mosambique have received 23 MiG-17 from GDR in 1980 year. By the plane “board 21” deserted on July, 8th, 1981 to Southern Africa.

7. MiG-17F. One of two instant grasped by Israel on August 12th, 1968.

8. MiG-17F the senior lieutenant Nguen Van Baja from structure of 923rd fighter squadron of the Air Forces of Democratic Republic of Vietnam.June, 1966.

9. MiG-17F, the Air Forces of the North Korea. The middle 70.

10. MiG-17. Forca Aerea Popular de Angola - Defesa Anti-Aviones. Were actively used in northen and the central Angola 1975.

11. MiG-17F, Royal aircraft of khmers. The plane was used to 1970.

12. MiG-17F, the participant of war of 1967.
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