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MiG-15 72-076 Scale 1/72

MiG-15 72-076 Scale 1/72
MiG-15 72-076 Scale 1/72
MiG-15 72-076 Scale 1/72
MiG-15 72-076 Scale 1/72
MiG-15 72-076 Scale 1/72
MiG-15 72-076 Scale 1/72
MiG-15 72-076 Scale 1/72
Scale 1:72

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1. MiG-15 ser. 0315395 frown by Capt. Pavlov, flight commander on 2-nd Aviation squadron 29-th Guard Fighter Regiment. Dachang aip base, summer 1950.

2. North Korean Air Force MiG-15 ser. 111025 flown bu Lt.Gogolev 176 Guard Fighter Regiment, 324 Fighter Division. Andun air base, April 1951.

3. MiG-15, Moscow district of the air defense, aerobatic team“ Red falcons”,1954.

4. MiG-15bis, Egyptian Air Force, Sinai Peninsula, October 1956.

5. MiG-15bis, Air Force Republic of Cuba.

6. MiG-15bis, Czechoslovakia 1955.

7. The late MiG-15bis ser.134044 “Korean” model with enlarged 0.8sq.m speedbrakes flown by Maj. Panov, 133 Fighter Regiment, Mukden-West May 1953. Brown/Light Green/Sand camouflage scheme. Korean insignia with white background.

8. MiG-15bis Lieutenant Dmitry Samoilov from the 523rd IAP 303rd IAD. Myaogou airfield, summer-autumn 1951. On this plane Dmitry Alexandrovich made most of the flights in Korea. The fighter was produced by the Kuibyshev plant number 1 and had serial number 121067.

9. MiG-15bis Aircraft captured by the US Air Force in Korea. On the 21st September 1953.

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